About Our Products

JUST IMAGINE.. You come home tired after a busy day and you just want to unwind. You decide to take a bath. You fill up your bathtub and turn on your favorite music. After getting in the tub, you close your eyes and try to relax. Suddenly, your knees feel a little cold because they are sticking out of the water. So, you dip them in, but now your shoulders are exposed! If only I had a few extra inches of water, you think to yourself.

We have some good news for you! With our overflow drain cover, you can get those few extra inches of water in your bathtub, and you don’t have to decide which part of your body will be exposed!


Our overflow drain covers are made from silicone and are free from harmful chemicals often found in many plastics such as PVC and Vinyl. Used in many kitchen products, silicone is durable and heat-resistant, so it can be cleaned inside a dishwasher.

Each packaging also includes a universal bathtub drain cover (tub stopper). It will cover any bathtub, shower or kitchen sink drain less than 3.5" in diameter. It works perfectly on top of drains with hair catchers! 

Lastly, our overflow cover comes in a pretty white box which will make it a perfect gift for any bath lover!

If you are not sure which overflow type will work on your bathtub, contact us at customerservice@leisurelord.com and we will be happy to assist you.